Creating the World’s Most Sustainable and Cost-Effective Electrode Manufacturing Platform. 

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Our Activated Dry Electrode™ process is a disruptive technology that will enable sustainable and cost-effective mass production of Batteries and Ultracapacitors.

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LICAP Technology

LICAP is the manufacturer of Activated Dry Electrode,  premium quality ultracapacitors/supercapacitors, and lithium-ion capacitors. Learn more about our technology.

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Supercapacitor applications in the grid can include Megawatt scale containerized solutions, single cell solutions for remote sensors and monitors, or anything else in-between.

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The high power, fast recharge and long cycle life attributes of the Supercapacitor make them ideal for transportation applications.

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Today's industrial environments offer many opportunities for supercapacitors to improve operational efficiencies, ensure reliable operation, save energy and save money.

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LICAP Technologies. Inc. (LICAP) is a world-class manufacturer of supercapacitor and lithium-ion capacitor products with market leading performance.  We also conduct research and development to identify innovative new materials and processes to improve energy storage device performance and reduce overall costs. This includes supercapacitors, lithium ion capacitors and lithium ion batteries.  Our primary research center and USA Headquarters is located in Sacramento, CA USA. Supercapacitor product R&D and production are conducted at our LICAP facility in Tianjin, China.

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