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Activated Dry Electrode™ technology enables cost-effective and environmentally friendly manufacturing of Lithium-ion Batteries, Ultracapacitors, and Lithium-ion Capacitors with superior performance.

LICAP Activated Dry Electrode Technology for Ultra Capacitors & Supercapacitors


 Performance vehicles, commuter cars, trucks, and buses – we engineer solutions that can satisfy all requirements of modern transportation. We develop tailored electrodes for battery to suit their particular purposes.We also develop and manufacture electrodes, cells and modules for ultracapacitor applications ranging from start-stop, anti-roll, and all the way to fast charging.

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 Modern grid is complex and requires new approaches to ensure reliable and affordable supply of renewable electricity. Our Activated Dry Electrode™ technology delivers sustainable and cost-effective solutions for batteries and ultracapacitors covering anything from energy storage systems, grid balancing solutions, peak load shaving, and more.

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 Electrification as an effort to decarbonize global economy will replace technologies relying on fossil fuels with carbon neutral solutions. Ships, trains, warehouse robotics will need electrodes tailored to specific purposes.Our Activated Dry Electrode™ manufacturing platform is chemistry agnostic and allows manufacturing of electrodes for a variety of applications.

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Reduced Carbon Footprint of Electrode Manufacturing against industry benchmark


Reduced Land-Use Footprint of Electrode Manufacturing against industry benchmark


No toxic and explosive NMP in our process. Negligible amounts of other solvents. 


100% of Activated Dry Electrode™ trimmings is recycled. 

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