Our AD(E)vantage

Energy storage is an exponentially growing industrial opportunity that depends on the cost-competitiveness and sustainability of manufacturing processes along the battery value chain. Traditionally, battery Gigafactories use wet electrode coating in battery cell manufacturing, which is associated with high energy consumption, large manufacturing footprint, and its reliance on toxic NMP solvent.

We developed a three-step, NMP-free, cost-effective process that seamlessly fits with existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

Our patented Activated Dry Electrode® process offers significant advantages over wet electrode process, including low energy consumption, reduced CO2 footprint of battery manufacturing, small manufacturing footprint, and elimination of toxic NMP solvent from the Gigafactory operations.

Wet Electrode Process

Energy consumption: 20-30kWh/ 1kWh of battery capacity


Manufacturing footprint: 1500m2 / 1GWh installed capacity


CAPEX / 1GWh wet electrode line: $20-35 million


Activated Dry Electrode® Process

Energy consumption reduced by 80%: 4-6kWh / 1kWh battery capacity


Manufacturing footprint reduced by 40%: 600m2 / 1GWh installed capacity


CAPEX / 1GWh ADE line reduced by 20%: $16-25 million


Energy Density

Doubled energy density using same active materials without a power density penalty.

Power Density

Tripled power density without changes to active materials or electrode design.

Interface Resistance

Low interface resistivity due to superior adhesion between current collector and active layer.