Activated Dry Electrode™ for Ultracapacitors

Made In California

Our electrodes are produced using a sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing platform that doesn't require toxic solvents or long drying ovens and have premium quality and lowest carbon footprint compared to competitors.

Energy Density

Activated Dry Electrode™ for ultracapacitors with active material layer density up to 0.78 g/cc have superior energy density. Activated Dry Electrode™ for lithium-ion battery with areal mass loading up to 60 mg/cm² have an energy density that is unmatched compared to the battery electrodes produced using "wet" coating. 

High Voltage

Activated Dry Electrode™ technology enables safe and reliable operation of ultracapacitor electrodes at 3V compared to the ultracapacitor electrodes manufactured via traditional "wet" coating and operating at lower voltages between 2.7-2.85V. 

Low Cost

Activated Dry Electrode™ production lines require only 1/10 of energy and 1/3 of manufacturing space compared with traditional “wet" coating lines. All LiCAP's ultracapacitor electrodes are produced in the world's fastest equipment at 100 m/min speed and are competitively priced below $10/m²

Energy Density

Activated Dry Electrode™ process has low carbon footprint due to significantly reduced energy consumption and doesn't use toxic and explosive solvents, such as NMP. All of our electrodes are designed and manufactured in California in a facility certified for ISO9001.

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Ultracapacitor Electrode

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Activated Dry Electrode™ for Lithium-ion Battery and Solid-State Battery

Made In California

We design Activated Dry Electrode™ for lithium-ion battery and solid-state battery to meet your requirements and guarantee premium performance and low manufacturing cost.

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