Become a partner

LiCAP’s Activated Dry Electrode™ manufacturing platform is available to license. This innovative platform and process significantly reduces capital expenditures and the operating cost of battery cell manufacturing. Our technology strips out unnecessary equipment and manufacturing steps, increases manufacturing throughput, and slashes GHG emissions and the amount of toxic chemicals associated with battery materials processing. 

Our Model

Partnership with LiCAP starts with an introductory phase. At this stage LiCAP provides small samples of standard Activated Dry ElectrodeTM (cathode and/or anode) for testing against the comparable “Wet Electrode”. Initial phase serves as a gauge for additional process development needs to meet customer’ performance targets. 

After initial phase, we move into phased process development. Duration, fees, and milestones vary from project to project. Partners can choose to license our Activated Dry ElectrodeTM technology after any step of the process development. 

Our process development work includes development of scalable electrode formulations, optimization of process parameters and equipment, full electrochemical characterization of electrodes, technical reports, and conference calls to discuss results and findings.