February 9-10, 2022

TechBlick: Battery Materials. Solid-State Batteries.

Virtual Conference

Solid state #electrolytes (SSEs) can improve safety of #batteries due to the reduced possibility of thermal runaway that is more likely to occur in the presence of liquid electrolytes used in #lithiumionbatteries. However, lack of scalable processes allowing to produce SSEs with the necessary combination of thickness, uniformity, interfacial impedance and mechanical strength, hinders commercialization of #solidstatebatteries.

Whether as glass or in ceramic form, SSEs usually require high temperature sintering or vapor deposition to consolidate the films and manage interfacial impedance. The resulting films are brittle, and available manufacturing methods are limited to production of tiny cells with low capacity.

LiCAP Technologies, Inc. has a patented technology which can make processing of #battery materials more cost-effective and sustainable and will speak at the TechBlick about its #R2R Activated Dry Electrode Manufacturing.

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